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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EST

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the sun will rise tomorrow, the next day, and the next. it may not appear as bright as yesterday, but life will carry on. >> archbishop desmund tutu articulating the loss of nelson mandela. across the world, people are mourning the loss of the former south african president. near his home many are celebrating the life of the man. there will be public remembrances for mandela next week. the funeral is scheduled for december 15th. nick help us understand how
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mandela's loss is being felt there? >> yeah, people are remembering the man they simply called tata. they are remembering this global symbol of reconciliation. he transcended both class and race. for south africans today is for mourning. he was the father of this country. >> we'll have to accept that humble request and [ inaudible ] >> he might have been sick for a long time, but people here are still shocked. they have lost a revolutionary leader, their first black president. in johannesberg an outpouring of love. and in his foundation a yearning
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for their leader. >> even though one knew this day would come, there is still a huge sense of loss, a deep sense of emptiness. >> reporter: in a black village about 30 miles from here, where he and his wife lived, young and old, white and black, remembered his generosity of spirit. >> i'm just glad that he did all he did for us, and hopefully we continue the legacy as the youth and the remaining africans. >> reporter: a legacy of forgiveness and reconciliation that this country is deeply missing. make no mistake, people here are celebrating this man's life, and will celebrate for the next ten days or so, but in the meantime, today and especially tonight and tomorrow you really get the sense that people are sad. they are mourning the loss of someone they called a father. >> nick what can you tell us
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about the funeral plans and whether they have been finalized yet? >> yeah, the president here came on television a couple of hours ago and let us know officially what we all had been expecting to a certain extent that what is going to happen for the next day or so, mandela's body will be prepared. and we'll see an extraordinary outpouring of support and emotion. what is being called the african funeral. it's in the largest stadium in in africa, and it will be an extraordinary event for any of us who are there. after that he will lie in state and ten days after today, about next saturday or sunday, he'll be buried. and mandela always said a man should be buried near where he was born. he'll be buried in the village that everyone knows is associated with him.
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his father was one of the local royal chiefs. leader there. i want to bring in a sound from > we always love him for teaching us that it is possible to overcome hatred and anger in order to build a new nation and a new society. >> reporter: and a new nation, a new society, that is mandela's legacy, and that is what everyone here is thanksful for stephanie. >> all right. nick thank you. president obama joined leaders around the world in mourning the death of nelson mandela. the president and first lady are expected to attend the state burial in south africa.
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they once in 2005 when the president was a senator in illinois. libby casey joins us now with reaction from are washington. good morning. >> good morning, stephanie. reactions are coming in from all corners of politics, and the reactions that are both personal as well as remembrances of political moments. president obama talked about how he was first inspired to get involved in politics as a college student to get to an anti apartheid rally. and he remembered the day that nelson mandela was freed from prison. he said it was a moment that he saw as a potential that was guided by their likes and not their fears. >> it calls to us to forward the example that he set. to make decisions guided not by hate but by love. to never discount the difference that one person can make, so
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strive for a future that is worthy of his sacrifice. george h.w. bush was in the presidency when nelson mandela was released from prison, and he put out a statement yesterday recalling his wonder at mandela's ability to forgive his jailers. he said . . .
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saying they would never reach proprosperity if the country continued to build up their
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arsenal of nuclear westminster. weapons. >>. well a major winter storm is sweeping across the plains and across dallas for dallas-fort w. take a look at the temperatures. they were looking at partly cloudy skies on friday. a mixture of sleet and freezing rain and all of that ice was piling up on the roadways. we are looking at temperatures iat temperatures across into the 20's where we are looking at toa as and into oklahoma and pushing towards the east. >> that helps identify the rain-snow line. it's going to be all rain for you. back here toward memphis and dallas and fort worth we are looking at rain, snow and also ice. we could see anywhere between four and six inches into oklahoma and on into arkansas.
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we are going to look at anywhere from up to an inch of ice across portions of memphis tennessee, and arkansas. wire looking at icy conditions all the way into portion" of the ohio valley and we could see snow across portions of central pennsylvania. and we could see hail and isolated thunderstorms and thunderstorms through mississippi. thank you for watching al mirk i'm stephanie sy. before we go we want to leave you with the inspirational words and there were many from the late nelson mandela. ♪
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>> i have fought against white domination. >> and i have fought against black domination. i have carried the idea perfect democratic and authority. in which all method live together in harmony.
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